To manage your display network easily and conveniently, you need to take a few simple steps:

  1. Create a user account and join xFAMEx
  2. Connect your displays on xFAMEx
  3. Upload the video or other video content you want to display and create a broadcast by choosing the time period, frequency, and displays on which this video content will be shown
  4. Pay for display connectivity to activate broadcasting

FAME Exchange Questions and Answers: Share Display Broadcast

How to connect a display on xFame?
Download the application from the Help page. Install the application on your Android device. At startup, the device identification number will be displayed on the screen. Create a new display on xFame by selecting the “Displays” menu item and enter the device identification number. If ok, your device will display a message that the configuration has been completed successfully.
What type of displays can be connected on xFame?
All smart devices (phones, tablets, TVs) with Android (excluding Smart TV or TV box) are suitable. xFame also supports Windows 10 devices and Samsung TVs with WebOS.
Where can I buy displays for broadcasting videos?
You can purchase Android OS displays from retail or wholesale sellers. Recommended vendors include kilobaitas.lt, skytech.lt, tdo.tdbaltic.com, etc. When buying Android devices/displays, we suggest opting for Philips D-line displays.
What is the cost of connecting and managing displays on xFame?
The service costs 5 EUR/month + VAT per connected device.
Can videos be broadcast on other customers’ displays connected on xFame?
We do not have this functionality at the moment, but we plan to make it available for users in the near future.
What is the minimum order size?
The order size is not limited. Only the storage has a limit of 300 MB. If you need greater storage capacity, please contact us at info@xfamex.com.
Can xFame be used by both natural and legal persons?
Both natural and legal persons can use xFame. When ordering the broadcasting of a commercial, an invoice with the details provided on the user’s account will be generated.
Can other customers broadcast commercials on my connected displays?
We do not have this functionality at the moment, but we plan to make it available for users in the near future.
Can I broadcast my video on displays in public transport?
Yes, you can. Under the “Buy Advertising” menu item, you can select cities where you would like your videos to be displayed; you can also select the broadcasting frequency and time period, form and pay the order, and launch an advertising campaign.
Can I broadcast videos on my computer screen?
If you have a Windows 10 computer, you can. For this, you need to install the Fame Windows application on your computer. You can download Fame Windows from the Help page.